Netent vs Yggdrasil: Finding The Bigger Brand

  • Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

Gambling is certainly one of humans oldest activities that are still around today. As it stands, a lot of people are into gambling but the way we gamble has changed in the past few decades. So, there is a lot more ease in gambling and players can simply sit at home to get started with gambling. Without a doubt, this phenomenon has become popular among players. You can find out more about online gambling as well as online casinos at

The Story of the Two Giants

Online gambling is quite popular as it stands and a lot of online casinos and game providers are joining the community. The interesting is that players get to enjoy a wide range of impressive games from top-notch providers as well as get mouth-watering bonuses. It is not news that playing online has become more profitable than going to a land-based casino. However, the competition among these companies continues to grow bigger as time goes on. When you visit , you will have access to more information.

In the online gambling industry, one of the top providers is Yggdrasil, which has only been around for less than a decade. Even at that, the game developer has created an impressive collection of casinos that are available to players at a wide range of online casinos. The interesting is that players get to enjoy games with high graphics from this provider and the games are available at a large number of casinos. Also, you can play their games on your mobile devices

On the other hand, Netent is a much older casino game provider that is known to develop a series of amazing evergreen games in the industry. Unlike Yggdrasil, Netent has been developing games for more than 2 decades and has continuously maintained its high standard over the years. It is without a doubt that Netent has one of the biggest game collection as well as the best range of portfolio. You can check out the developer's games from the casino's listed below:

  • Dunder Casino
  • Malina Casino
  • Frank&Fred Casino
  • Sloty Vegas Casino

Our Final Verdict: Which Brand is Better?

From our research, we can conclude that Netent is the better brand among these two online casino game developers. This is because Netent has a bigger casino game collection that cut across all the different kinds of games in the business. In that case, with Netent, you will continue to get top-notch playing experience and if you choose to play at a Netent casino, you can even enjoy massive bonuses. Also, Netent games come with impressive features that increase your chances of winning big.

All in all, we can boldly say Netent is better than Yggdrasil. However, since Yggdrasil is still relatively new to the online gambling business, we can expect the company to continue to develop a good range of online casino games. But, with continuous aggression, Netent is constantly looking to improve its game collection and overall portfolio. As a result, it will be a bit hard for Yggdrasil to catch up with them even in the long term. As it stands, you should always choose Netent.